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Discussions on using VS and VWD Express for ASP.NET development. Questions for all versions are welcome here.

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    I have a laptop with windows 7 Office 2010 32bit. I want to install .NET framework 1.1 and 2.00 as I have .net apps that still run in 2003 and 2005. I do not want to convert them. How can I do this as it tells me the .net framework is installed with the operating system. I need easy instructions as my technical knowledge is poor. I can use the installed app, no problem. My comment is that you don't need to know how to put the engine in to drive a car !!

    If I try and open my apps it proopts me to convert them.

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    I have installed IIS Express and Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web on a Windows 8 PC.

    New websites created by VSE are bound to port 8080 on localhost.

    As I understand it, this is an unreserved port, and I should be able to access my IIS Express website using http://localhost:8080/MySite/MyPage.aspx

    In fact, according to IIS Express documents, I should be able to open this page as a non-administrator.  As it stands, I can only open such a site in Internet Explorer when the project is open in Visual Studio Express!  Once I close the project in VSE I get a "connection refused" error when I load the page in IE.   This applies whether or not I have set Administrator level in Internet Explorer.

    Regrettably I am trying to make this work on a Windows 8 PC.

    Would GREATLY appreciate suggestions on a fix for this. 

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    I have been doing some digging around on the Internet and I’m wondering if you know of a product.

    I’m looking for a robust HTML5 javascript framework for datagrid (or spreadsheet) where it can do those following when displaying on webpage…

    1) Having data, textboxes, drop-down selection, checkboxes, etc. (in columns) per rows...

    2) Be able to group several columns (of data) and display rows like this…
    (Say you group the Make, Model and Color…)

    [-] Ford (5)
       [-] Mustang (3)
          [+] Green (1)
          [-] Blue (2)
             [Year] [Trim] [Mileage] [Color]
             2007 2dr Coupe 52,000 Green
             2012 2dr Sedan 23,321 Blue
       [+] Ranger (3)
       [+] Taurus (5)

    [+] Chevrolet (8)

    [-] Toyota (2)
       [-] Prius (2)
          [-] Yellow (2)
             [Year] [Trim] [Mileage] [Color]
             2013 3dr Hatchback 14,021 Yellow
             2010 2dr Coupe 11,123 Yellow


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    The ide gives the following warning for my "upgraded" wap or mvc applications.

    "This project uses SQL Server Express LocalDB. Microsoft recomends that you use SQL Server Express with IIS..."

    My projects never used "sql server express localdb".

    Why this warning?

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    Inside VS 2010 Ultimate / TFS 2010 I click undo pending changes, this gives me a list of files for multiple solutions, which I do not want. I only want it to show me the files for the current solution that is the solution that is open. 

    How to do this. 

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    Hi guys,

    I’m new to Front-end development and have Fireworks to play with along with Visual Studio.

    Could anyone tell me if:

    You can import items straight from Fireworks to Visual Studio as I’m told you can import straight to Dreamweaver?

    For example shapes created in Fireworks can be imported straight into Dreamweaver to create navigation menus etc. (and the shapes you create in Fireworks become the clickable surface areas).


    Is interacting Fireworks to Visual Studio limited to just creating images & then using these as the backgrounds to panels etc. in Visual Studio?

    As always, any help is very much appreciated & this forum is ace!


    Dan :)

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    Hey is it possible to make HTML5 games for Web browsers and Mobile Native Apps, and Mobile Web browsers? If so where can I find a tutorial? and pretty much where csn I learn HTML5 game development with this IDE?

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    I am using Windows 8

    I have a Web Project with a Master Page that has a Style Sheet. On the Master page I have a SiteMap file. aTreeView control with a SiteMapDataSource control. The Treeview displays properly on the clint pages in the project. When I then add a SiteMapPath control to the Master Page, it also displays properly in design view.

    However, when I Browse the Default (Home) client page in the Browser (IE), I see the following:

    - TreeView displays all the nodes, but none are displayed as Links, and parent nodes do not collapse when clicked.

    - SiteMapPath displays only the Top Node (Home)

    When  I browse other client pages in the browser, the TreeView displays as indicated above, but there is nothing at all displayed in the SiteMapPath control.

    I am assuming my problem is affecting both these controls, but I have been unable to figure out that I am doing wrong.

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  • 11/22/12--22:41: Master Page & BlogEngine
  • I loaded my blog (BlogEngine) into Visual Studio 2010 via the FTP feature… BTW, very cool…

    AnyWho, when I go to click on "Design" that's at the bottom left-hand corner of the window… I get this error message:

    "This page has controls that require a master page reference, but none is specified.

    Correct the problem in code view."

    I'm still trying to learn the ropes with Visual Studio & BlogEngine, any help with this would be much appreciated.

    I have already posted this at the blog engine/visual studio forums as well… Just trying to get an answer as quickly as possible or maybe even a special tip and/or trick…

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    Dear friends, i am very frustrated that hindi text font displaying as square character in only chrome .but in all browser working fine.

    please give me any solution . very urgent dear....

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    Hi all,

    one thing I always wondered about (in all previous versions of Visual Studio, and this continues with the brand-new VS 2008): How comes the HTML editor offers no support for HTML character entity references? IMHO that should be one of the most basic  and fundamental features of any decent HTML editor - or am I missing something here?

    To explain: What I would expect is that entering any national or special character like 'ä' or '©' would automatically convert them to their relative entity references like "&auml;" or "&copy;"... Or as the least minimum, there should be something like an"Insert Special Character" command with a table to choose from (much like "Insert Symbol" in MS Word).  

    So - is there any good reason why that functionality is completely missing from the HTML editor in VS - and that since ever?

    Thanks for any insight,



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    I've just moved a solution from an old 32 bit operating system to a new 64 bit one.

    The original solution was working fine, now when i launch it in iis on the new system i get the iis error :

    "The requested content appears to be script and will not be served by the static file handler."

    The target framework for the solution on the original machine was 3.5 although on the new one it has changed it automatically to 4.0.

    Also, i must add that the solution works when using the visual studio web browser.

    Any help would be much appreciated!!

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    Hi All,

    This is my first time development using  C# language.I find out that the control is a bit difference between C# and VB language.

    Under the VB language development, once the button is created, i can choose the button and see all the available for the button.I just need to click on the function that i want and the function will be automatically created in the code.

    However, this function is not available for C# language development.I feel weird and what should I do actually to have the click  event created in code?I have to write the click event myslef? And also sometimes in development, we need to see what available function for a control so that we can know what can we do.If available function for controls is not shown in C# language development, then it must be hard for C# programmer to do their coding.I feel that this is not the way.

    Attached here is the screen capture.

    Does anyone has idea on this?Help Please!!

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    I have a web part that I have deployed and it need to pull data from an SQL 2008 table.

    But when I use the connection string listed below

    Data Source=dmzsql;Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=Apps

    I get the folloowing errror.

    <div id="WebPartWPQ1" class="ms-WPBody" width="100%" haspers="false" webpartid="84731978-42af-43ec-9bfc-d753bee3f09c" allowdelete="false">Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'.</div> <div class="ms-WPBody" width="100%" haspers="false" webpartid="84731978-42af-43ec-9bfc-d753bee3f09c" allowdelete="false"> </div> <div class="ms-WPBody" width="100%" haspers="false" webpartid="84731978-42af-43ec-9bfc-d753bee3f09c" allowdelete="false">How do I specify the windows account that I want to use that has the right access to the SQL Table?</div> <div class="ms-WPBody" width="100%" haspers="false" webpartid="84731978-42af-43ec-9bfc-d753bee3f09c" allowdelete="false"> </div> <div class="ms-WPBody" width="100%" haspers="false" webpartid="84731978-42af-43ec-9bfc-d753bee3f09c" allowdelete="false">using sql authentication is not an option.</div>

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    I need some pointers on how to diagnose this problem. I've got bundling and minification working just great on my local project, but when I copy the changes up to my web host, I just get a bunch of 404 errors trying to load those bundles. Both sites are running identical code - one bundles fine, the other doesn't.

    I have a BundleConfigs.cs in my App_Code directory that has for example:

    bundles.Add(new ScriptBundle("~/bundles/default").Include("~/default.js"));

    Along with a few bundles.Add loading jquery etc. from the microsoft CDN.

    I have a bundle.config for all my css files, with a styleBundle like:

    <styleBundle path="~/Content/css"><include path="~/Content/normalize.css" /><include path="~/Content/main.css" /><include path="~/Content/Site.css" /></styleBundle>

    In my global.aspx:

    void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)

    In my site.master file in the <head>:

    <webopt:BundleReference runat="server" Path="~/Content/css" />

    In my default.aspx, I have a few Scripts.Render calls to load jquery etc. For example:

    <%: Scripts.Render("~/bundles/default") %>

    among others for jquery etc.

    So everything seems correct (hopefully, this is my first time getting this to work) and in fact it DOES work like a charm on my local machine. I can turn debug off and notice on the Net panel in Firebug that it is most definitely not loading all the individual css/js files but only a few bundles. Awesome!

    However the site, with the same exact files, on my web host, fails. All the bundle loads result in 404 errors.

    My guess is that this is maybe a directory permission problem on the host? I tried giving the anonymous user rights to write to various directories, but that didn't make a difference. Where are these actual bundles being stored on the web server to be served up? I can't even begin to diagnose what is going wrong. I've looked very carefully at my local vs. host web.config looking for differences, and I can't spot anything obvious that has anything to do with bundling...

    Anyone have any tips on how I can get this working or figure out why it is failing?

    For now I've set BundleTable.EnableOptimizations = false in BundleConfig.cs to turn it all off, which works fine.

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    Is it safe to uninstall VS 2010 since I have VS 2012? I assume using the vs 2010 uninstall untility is the best way to go?

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    For quite some time now I'm having problems to start ASP.NET projects from Visual Studio 2010 Professional SP1. I have all actual Windows updates installed. When I debug or start without debugging the browser only displays a white screen and in the status bar "waiting for answer of localhost". The address bar shows the correct page. The CPU goes up and the fan starts, but the page is not displayed. After some minutes IE displays that the webpage can't be displayd.

    If I type in the local address in the browser address bar "localhost/path..." all applications run fine. (First I was not able to run the applications entering the page in the address bar due to missing access rights. I keep websites in the websites library) When I added IUSR and IIUSR... they run fine directly from the browser. Still I can't run or debug any application out of Visual Studio.

    I created a new web application with ASP.Net 2 and 4 inside of Visual Studio. Still I wasn't able to debug or run them from within Visual Studio.

    I tried turning of AV and Firewall (GData) and run VS explicit as Administrator—No difference. I tried to set the local IIS as the server, but still IE ramps up the CPU and IE only shows white. So the same problem occurs independet of using IIS or WebDev.

    When I switch back to default server and run the page from VS the address bar doesn't show the page name and path anymore. Rather it shows the root folder of the web site project only. Even if I switch back to custom server IE only shows the root folder (localhost/virtdir). I need to restart VS to have it work again.

    If I enter the same URL in a new browser window the page is displayed. So it seems it has nothing to do with WebDev, but rather with VS. Since I can attach the debugger process to IIS when the page is in the browser it seems not to be the debugger. I tested attaching the debug process to the IIS worker process. This works fine. I can also debug from within Visual Studio WinForms. The issue occurs only when I start aspx pages from within Visual Studio.

    I can't recall the exact steps anymore, but if I'm not mistaken I had kind of the same problem before installing SP1. The difference was that it only occurred in one project and IE and VS hang completely. I had to kill both processes. I deleted VS settings files and it worked again. Then I installed SP1 reading about the debug problems. Now no website project works anymore.

    I'm pulling my hair. I already wasted two days when I supposed to have finished this project.

    Does anybody has an idea what the cause is?


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    Has any way to change owner of google calendar event.

    I'm using GOAuthRequestFactory to call CalendarService by service.Requestfactory

    I get entry by (eventid, email, requesfactory) after that i clear old author and add new author typeAtomperson again.

    It update successfully, but when i get evententry again, the author do not change.

    Any body tell me why? Is there another way to do it?

    And any help will be appreciate.

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    While doing a tutorial on cache dependency I ran into problems.
    The error from the debugger was that my database was not setup for cache dependency.

    So I searched on the web and found out you could use aspnet_regsql to fix that.

    So I executed this from the cmd:
    C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50215\aspnet_regsql.exe -S localhost\sqlexpress -E -d Pubs -ed

    And I got this responce from the prompt:
    Enabling the database for SQL cache dependency.


    All looked fine I thought and I runned the app again.

    Again the debugger called me back saying I had to setup the table for cache dependency as well.

    So I called the prompt again and pasted in another command but it didn't work the prompt gave me:
    C:\....aspnet_regsql.exe is not a valid win32 applicaition and in the prompt an: "Access denied"

    I thougth how strange so I looked up the exe to start it up manualy.
    Again I received the same error. (And a half hour ago the wizard (UI) still worked by doubleclicking the exe file.....)

    Close examination of my Windows explorer showed that the exe has been changed 5 minutes ago. (The time I set SQL dependency on the pubs table...)
    And to get more spooky the file is now only 0kb large???

    So somehow I feel I killed this exe file and I have no clue on how to fix it. Perhaps I should reïnstall the Framework but I'm not sure if that is a wise thing to do.

    Someone got a clue?


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             We are going to develop the web application, we have visual studio express edition, here there is no option for Team foundation for source control, is there any option to use the TFS in visual studio exress edition. 



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